Apartment Building
Pikermi, Greece

The building is inclusive of three apartments of equal size and facilities for the families of three brothers, yet with diverse plans to satisfy their distinct idiosyncrasies. The building descents the hill in analogy to a stair. Large verandas face the distant view of the sea. The entrances of the houses are individual and are located inside the equally descending negative void of the building’s volume. The ground floor inside the cavity-entrance follows the natural slope. An atrium fills it with unexpected light. The facades of the building are designed to serve the concept of ‘camouflage’; moving around the building equals gradual recognition of the transformation of the building from blindness and enclosure towards openness and exuberance.

  • Client: Private
  • Program: Three Apartments
  • Area: 420 sq m
  • Status: In Progress
  • Architect: Eleni Papanastasiou
  • Year: 2016