Set Design for the Opera "Leonce And Lena"
National Theatre, Athens and Epidaurus Festival
Athens, Greece

The set for Georg Buchner’s opera Leonce and Lena is a cubical volume, standing above the ground. Its mass is made out of 530 vertical metal strings carrying metal weights and hanging from a metal frame. Three spherical volumes are extracted by the cube, formulating the rooms where the opera is played. The structure moves vertically to create diverse environments and to function as musical instrument every time the weights gradually touch the ground. The installation attempts to be simultaneously garden-sky-musical instrument-jail-dome-forest–church-mass & void, with much uncertainty and abstraction.

  • Client: Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2016
  • Program: Theatre Set Design
  • Area: Main Stage, National Theatre, Athens
  • Status: Built
  • Year: 2016

  • Author of "Leonce and Lena": Georg Buchner
  • Composer: Kornilios Selamsis
  • Director: Argyris Xafis
  • Libretto: Yiannis Asteris
  • Set Design: Eleni Papanastasiou,Yannis Kitanis
  • Lighting Design: Sofia Alexiadou
  • Costume Design: Ioanna Tsami
  • Movement: Stavroula Siamou
  • Assistant Director: Kostas Kounelas
  • Conductor: Yiorgos Ziavras

  • Photos Copyright: Yiorgos Sfakianakis