Single Family House
Thasos, Greece

The house volumetrically manifests superimpositions of dense vegetation over built structures that especially characterize the rural settlements in the island of Thasos. Equal amounts of protected interior spaces and outdoor verandas are provided so as the invasive local flora to become the self-evident character of the house. Four volumes result from slicing the typical house with pitched roof. Four outdoor verandas are generated from shifting the volumes towards the long axis of the site. All interiors refer to each other in circular orientation and are paired with at least an exterior veranda. In consequence, the functional area of the house is duplicated against the tightness of the site and the limited buildable area; while this house is considerably small and introvert, it is experienced simultaneously as spacious, and extrovert.

  • Client: Private
  • Program: Single Family House
  • Area: 100 sq m
  • Status: In Progress
  • Architect: Eleni Papanastasiou
  • Year: 2011

  • Exhibited in Panorama of Greek Architecture held at Technopolis. City of Athens, Athens, Greece, 2013

  • Published in Domes International Review of Architecture. 2013 Greek Architecture Yearbook. pp.32-33