Apartment Building
Kavala, Greece

The apartment building is located inside the historic center of Kavala. In close proximity, there can be found the 16th century aqueduct —namely ‘Kamares’ which means ‘arches’—, the ottoman neighborhood, the castle, tobacco storage buildings (the city’s traditional industry dating since the early 19th century), new buildings and a small beach, where wooden boats are still being manufactured. Houses, landmarks, workspaces, past and living history, and nature pack against each other, to fit. The L-shaped and thin site is located at the very core of this density; only one narrow side of the plot can be seen from the street. The building follows the thin geometry and the shape of the site, pretending a wall with the thickness of apartment. The facade of the building is continuous to serve its long shape. The placement of large windows reproduces the ‘uncertain certainty’ that lies within the coexistence of the strict structural order of neighboring tobacco buildings and of the aqueduct with the disordered placement of all kinds of buildings around them. Each apartment has large windows that open toward essentially fragmented views of the environment and of itself; the framed views never focus on a single theme, reminding of kaleidoscopic glimpses and revealing the structural rule of the city, order & chaos.

  • Client: Private
  • Program: Housing and Stores
  • Area: 800 sq m
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Architect: Eleni Papanastasiou
  • Year: 2010 to Date