The New Building for P.E.D.A. / Public Services

The new PEDA performs a "park- building", combining public services and the cultivation of land. It revives the experience of Thriasio Pedio, the most fertile plain in ancient Attiki and a landmark, which was gradually trespassed by industrial buildings, to the point of vanishing. Thriasio was directly related to the Elefsinian Mysteries, the religious ceremony that celebrated nature. According to the myth, agriculture was invented at Thriasio under the guidance of Goddess Demetra. Its systematic cultivation, the production of cereals, milk and wine continued until industrialization, dating the early 20th century.

Thriasio is revived in the form of public building purposefully to reconcile the confronting tensions of its surrounding environment, which includes active industries, the archeological site of ancient Elefsina and the Modern city. Reviving history in an indirect yet profound way, in other words reviving the experience of land and avoiding storytelling, will further attract tourism and result in financial growth. The recreation of local citizens, the attraction of tourism, an attractive environment for the employees and visitors of PEDA, and the reconciliation of the ancient, the new, the natural and the industrial are equally satisfied.

For the above purposes, the building is perforated and filled with nature, its terrace is actually cultivated. The volume of the building and the planted voids are simultaneously designed; one is formulated by the other; one determines the other.

  • Client: P.E.D.A.
  • Program: Public Services
  • Area: 7.610 sq m
  • Status: Architectural Competition
  • Architect: Eleni Papanastasiou
  • Year: 2018