Vacation Housing
Mani, Greece

The building consists of four independent vacation units of equal size and facilities. The site is located within the area of an olive grove and in proximity to the sea. The inhabitant is provided with modern living in organic dialogue with the natural environment. For this purpose, the four units are placed between the existing trees; vegetation is entirely preserved; habitation takes place inside nature. The overall structure is treated as a sequence of void and mass in two levels. It is further placed in distance from the ground, so as the uninterrupted flows of air, light, soil, flora and fauna to be sustained. The interior area of each unit is duplicated by a terrace of equal size; interior and outdoor spaces are treated as a single environment. The volumetric twists are further responsible for securing the privacy of each unit from the rest and of the complex as a whole from the neighborhood. The twists are equally responsible for the panoptical views of each unit towards the surroundings.

  • Client: Private
  • Program: Housing
  • Area: 240 sq m
  • Status: In Progress
  • Architects: Eleni Papanastasiou, Christina Vasilopoulou
  • Year: 2017